Good wine is the answer, whatever the question

“The discovery of a good wine is increasingly better for mankind than the discovery of a new star.”

Leonardo da Vinci


of wine bottles consumed in Australia are grabbed on the fly from local bottle shops


of the market is controlled by two giants which stock similar, limited ranges of products on their shelves.


the decrease of the adult population that drinks wine regularly from 50% in 2019 to 43% in 2023

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How do we get consumers to truly value the story of our terroirs and feel confident when buying wine?

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Sommsense links wine lovers, wine sellers, and wine wordsmiths!


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Sommsense introduces a revolutionary way to connect wine enthusiasts, retailers and experts through an advanced AI. This platform sifts through extensive wine knowledge to deliver tailored recommendations for any occasion, offering users access to a personal wine consultant anytime they need.

The platform is especially beneficial for small wine shops competing against larger retailers. By integrating Sommsense, these shops can leverage AI to offer personalized, expert recommendations, enhancing their competitiveness. This allows them to provide a unique, curated experience that large chains can't replicate.

Sommsense enhances the customer experience by enabling small shops to deliver a bespoke service, akin to having a personal sommelier. This approach not only attracts wine lovers who seek a more tailored shopping experience but also helps small businesses enhance customer loyalty and stand out in a crowded marketplace.


Sommsense demystifies choosing wine

It puts a sommelier in everyone’s pocket, providing trusted recommendations

Educates the consumer with every bottle

Provides live price comparisons between retailers, offering price-matching

Uncovers hidden gems from independant retailers


Sommsense provides an unintrusive platform to share inventory between shops

Increases your reach

Get informed and compare your inventory with your competitors

Follow the trends or influence the competition


Considerably augment your audience

Get rewarded each time your content is used

Push small producers to a wider market